• 1896 – Maynard Baptist Church was established after several members of this community felt the call of God to establish a place of worship. A constitution was adopted. Mr. J. B. Maynard, for whom the church was named, gave land for a church building. Services were apparently held in the adjacent school house until the church building was completed. They met once a month.

  • 1898 – The first church, a frame structure was completed.

  • 1904 – The church purchased an organ. Their first revival, called a Protractive Meeting, was held. Sunday School had its beginning at Maynard. The adjacent school house provided rooms for Sunday School classes.

  • 1939 – Wind blew a tree down on the building and jarred the structure out of line.

  • 1956 – Another windstorm blew against the building making it unsafe. It was supported by poles for a few months while plans were made and adopted to build a new building. Services were held in the school house during the construction of the new building.

  • 1957 – On Mothers Day the new building was dedicated. The cost of the building was $7,430.17. The pews cost $1,866. The entire church debt at dedication was $400, the balance of the cost of the church pews.

  • 1961 – The educational building was added to the church structure.

  • 1971 – Began full time services with a full time pastor.

  • 1972 – First pastorium was purchased.

  • 1978 – The Sunday School Annex was completed. The sanctuary was remodeled including new carpet, padded pews and new front doors.

  • 1981 – Beginning of the fellowship hall, with Sunday School rooms upstairs and fellowship and kitchen area downstairs. It was later faced with bricks.

  • 1987 – Stained glass windows were dedicated by members in memory of former members and family members.

  • 1988 – The front porch was enclosed to form a vestibule. A ramp was added on the side of the building. A new pulpit Bible was dedicated in memory of Mrs. Opal Lancaster.

  • 1989 – A new pastorium was purchased. New hymnals were purchased in memory of Ward Johnson for his faithful service as song leader.

  • 1990 – The choir loft was enlarged.

  • 1995 – Dr. Marvin Lee, was called as pastor.

  • 1997 – Completion and opening of new Sunday School space.

  • 1998 – The church expanded its sanctuary to accommodate growth.

  • 1999 – Due to continued growth, the church began an 8:30 a.m. service.

  • 2000 – A seven-week prayer emphasis was conducted seeking God’s will about the future of the church. More space and parking was needed but the church was unable to obtain any at its current location. After seven weeks of prayer, ten acres of land two miles from the church became available and the church voted to buy it.

  • 2003 – This was a year of many open doors. The church voted to begin phase one of the new church facility. On July 13, 2003, the church groundbreaking occurred. A plow with a rope attached was used. Each member there grasped the rope and pulled the plow which was held by our pastor. This signified the unity of the entire church working together under the leadership of God.

  • 2004 – November 14, 2004, the church moved from 1883 Juliette Road to the new location at 1195 Juliette Road and the first service was held. The parking lot overflowed on the day of the first service.

  • 2011 – March 27, 2011, the church called Brother Jay Moore as pastor.

  • 2015 – January 11, 2015, the church called Dr. Gary Hopkins as pastor.

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