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Why become a member?


We believe there are at least three reasons for formal church membership at Maynard. First, we believe the concept of church membership is biblical. While the term “church member” is never used in the Bible, the concept is implicit throughout the New Testament. Christians clearly identified themselves with a specific local church and were challenged to become devoted participants.


Second, formal membership is valuable to the leaders of the church as they seek to fulfill their God-given task of caring for the people of Maynard.


By its very nature and university context, Maynard attracts seekers, observers, and guests. We hope that will always be the case. But at some point it is important to identify those who comprise the Maynard “family”―the core that can be counted on to build and sustain the ministries of the church. Specifically, these are the folks who provide leadership as, deacons, teachers, and leaders of ministries. Additionally, members give guidance through their feedback and vote on matters requiring the overall approval of the church. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, experience shows that membership benefits the individual. In a culture where commitment is no longer highly valued, recognizable membership is an important step that moves a person from good intentions to committed participation―to publicly declare a commitment to Christ and to a community of faith. In this sense, membership can be a significant defining moment in a person’s journey to become a passionately devoted follower of Jesus Christ.


How do I request membership?


Who may become a member?


Why is believer’s baptism required for membership at Maynard?


If I’m a Christian, may I still become a member of Maynard if I wasn’t baptized as a believer?


What other requirements are there regarding church membership?

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